Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Other Good Stuff! (If only in my opinion >.>)

The Cat Came Back

Simon's Cat

(Courtesy of Debbie)

The Cat with Hands
(Also courtesy of Debbie...see we were working Chiu >.>!...Also highly freaky)

(I saw this on the culture show earlier this year. Essentially the creator was studying animation at the RCA and couldn't decide what to do for his final project so did it about his inability to decide...Its so relatable..I'm sure when you watch it you'll say 'yeh I do that' to atleast a few things in there!...I'll have a look because they showcased animation every week for a while and they were all good...might be able to find them!)

The Adventures of Mark Twain
(Highly disturbing)

A Fairy's Tale
(My favourite...I want a tooth fairy)

I thought I'd also put my own animation which I did for my elective last year (the only one I've ever actually done >.>) just to show you that even simple people can animate! (I realise it doesn't really fit with that good title)...Remember I handdrew each frame using a mouse (really stupid thing to do) and did it in a few nights. I also did the whole soundtrack (either played pieces on the piano or sampled stuff). It's called Bangkok Ugly about a dog I met in Thailand that I dubbed Goblin Dog (because he was hideous) who eats a fat child and then proceeds to explode >.>...I made up some speel about consumerism and how it was destroying traditional values in the far east...but that was just to get me more marks for my elective xP

Also my friend Will is studying vis comm but specialising in animation (specifically hand drawn animation) so I might be able to get him to help with stuff or even come down to do like a workshop..err...maybe >.>"


Sarah said...

'simon's cat' is ace. funny funny. and 'procrastination' was brilliant. i want to make something like that! if i could. if i can. i enjoyed 'the fairy's tale' one, not so much aesthetically, but i liked the story.

myeyeisonfire said...

I'm sure you can all guess "The Cat with Hands" was highly to my liking!

Sarah said...


it was a bit unsettling i found...

Jess the Mess said...

lol Simons cat was so funny...hence why me and Debbie were in hysterics in the computer room together...because thats so what cats do >.>!

And I thought you'd like that one Chiu, what with your desire to turn all childrens stories murderous xP I'll keep my eyes out for more weird and wonderful stuff!