Wednesday, 3 December 2008


^ This is one of my favourite animations. I think the illustrator Jonny Hannah was involved.
(sorry dont know how to post video links!)

My ten seconds is done but i need to finish downloading After Effects before I can put it up!


Sarah said...

that was quite beautiful.

i loved the voiceover, his voice transports you to a certain time and place. there's a sense of tension, and suspense, and that builds and then there's the fire! it's funny how the boys look up to this man with the beautiful eyes, this enigma of a man, when it seems everyone else treats him like an outcast. but maybe that is what is so fascinating, that they create him in their own minds.

i liked the transitions, how it zooms into the detail and then it connects to the next image. and the sound is brilliant in creating the place. and also how text emphasises the spoken word too.

ktc said...

yeah its great isnt it - i think jonny hannah did the typography etc.

anyway that should prepare you for the shoddy animation I'm going to put up later!