Thursday, 4 December 2008

Ruth Lingford

suggested by an MA animator Ruth Lingford. She draws on the computer, changing each scene with a tablet and pen


Sarah said...

that was EPIC! such a dark, grim and tragic fairy tale. i liked that bit at the start when the old lady put her hand on the tree, and it turned to bark and then a skeleton! and you know she's bad news. and the bit where the red roses grow from her blood, and lead her on her way, how delightfully morose and poetic. then her eyes fall out! and that man takes her hair! creeped me out. and the final bang, with seeing the child's future in the mirror, how traumatising for her.

myeyeisonfire said...

incredibly moving - a mother that will sacrifice anything for the life of her child, only to be shown at the end that her child will be in more pain if she escapes death, and the mother faces the ultimate in choices - the journey up stream must bear a sign of hope?