Wednesday, 3 December 2008

scanner animation


Sarah said...

very clever chiu! some of it looped? like when the creature thingy is just watching and waiting. the music made me think of watery things, like we were under the sea, in the dark depths!

Awkward Jess said...

I bet Maggie loved you after all that marker on her scanners >.>...Very interesting...I think the technique has alot of potential, especially in terms of fast production! Its nice to see your freaky creations moving

myeyeisonfire said...

Looping is a way to a) spread the length of the film, and b) try to create some anticipation - it's only a rough - I find it very difficult to focus for such a long length of time for so little :(

And Jess! Not as much as she loved you, for not cleaning your scanner properly!!!!!!!!!!